Dragonaire Whitepaper
Dual-token Mode

Brief Introduction

Dragonaire has a dual-token economic system consisting of $DEAR (Dragon Evolution Augmented Reality) + $DES (Dragonaire Evolutionary Stone), which can form a good self-circulation system between GameFi, players, and DAO.

Why a Dual-token Economic System?

Dragonaire aims to build a decentralized and autonomous user community that can realize play-to-earn through Dragonaire, its initial GameFi vehicle. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a currency that maintains production and liquidity in-game for the mid to long term. It then enables a healthy growth of the ecosystem of the game. During the development process, once a certain threshold is reached, or a certain condition is met, a more stable core currency will be produced. Then, the more stable currency can be used to preserve the value of the assets or stabilize the price of the NFT.

What is $DEAR๏ผŸ

  • $DEAR is the most important core governance token of Dragonaire
  • Players can obtain $DEAR by challenging Trial spire or participating in the PVP arena
  • At the same time, players need to use $DEAR to buy Mystery Boxes to get Dragons, the main NFT asset in the game
  • The challenge passes for trial spire that mainly produce $DEAR also need to be redeemed by Dragonaire Points earned through staking $DEAR into the DAO staking pool
  • By staking $DEAR, Dragon-knights will also get the pledge certificate to govern the DAO treasury. In addition, $DEAR owners can also obtain the corresponding community governance rights and the right to vote for major decisions about the future development direction of the game
  • The importance of $DEAR as the core determines that it is only obtainable conditionally from important features of the game
Obtaining $Dear: purchased on Official IDO Website, and obtained through SWAP platform.
Economic-cycle Model
DAO Management Fee: 15%

What is $DES ?

  • The circulating currency in the game.
  • Most of the scenarios in the game costs $mDES, such as leveling up dragons, hatching dragons, sweeping Main Campaign stages, evolving dragons and PVP mode
  • Meanwhile, there are plenty of scenarios that produce $mDES in the game, such as clearing Main Story stages and PVP rewards
  • In addition to these, it can also be traded on the DEX platform
Players can obtain $mDEAR and $mDES from the game. Then, they can swap $DEAR and $DES of equivalent value in marketplace which is on our official website.
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