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Q: Which Chain is Available?
A: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Q: How to Register an Account?
A: Login marketplace with Metamask Wallet.
Q: Why BSC Blockchain?
A: Enable Dapp development with larger capacity, faster transaction speed, lower latency and less gas fee, meanwhile, BSC has cross-chain compatibility, EVM-compatibility and credible platform.
Q: What Devices are Supported?
A: You can play Dragonaire on android mobile phone and PC device by using Android Emulator. (iOS users can download the Android Emulator first, install the APK into the Android Emulator then play on PC device.)
Q: How to Get DragonNFTs?
A: Open mystery box, or buy DragonNFTs from other users, both on the marketplace
Q: What is $DEAR?
A: $DEAR, the core governance token of Dragonaire.
Q: What is $DES?
A: $DES is the circulating currency in the game, it is also the second token of Dragonaire
Q: What is the Type of Token?
A: BEP-20
Q: How Many Languages Does the Game Support?
A: Dragonaire is available in English and Traditional Chinese, and the language can be switched in the game
Q: What is the IDO Price?
A: About 0.07 $BUSD
Q: How to be Whitelisted?
A: Please follow our social media for more details, kinds of campaigns are waiting for you
Q: When Will Your Project be Released?
A: We made a tentative arrangement to launch in July
Q:What's the Sales Fee On Marketplace?
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