Dragonaire Whitepaper

2021 Q4 | DONE

  • 2021.11: Dragonaire Program Official Set-up
  • 2021.12: Grand Presentation of Dragonaire Official Communities Matrix

2022 Q1 | DONE

  • 2022.01: Completion of Dragonaire Concept Posters and Dragonaire NFTs UI Design
  • 2022.02: Official website V1.0 launch
  • 2022.03: Release Whitepaper V1.0
  • 2022.03: Completion of the Beta Ver. of Game

2022 Q2 | DONE

  • 2022.04: Official Website V2.0 launch
  • 2022.04: Release Whitepaper V2.0
  • 2022.04: Begin community activities
  • 2022.04: Complete relevant personnel of community operations
  • 2022.05: Beta Ver. Game testing
  • 2022.05: Series of Themed Co-events/AMAs
  • 2022.06: Beta Ver.2 Game testing
  • 2022.06: IDO (Token $DEAR) Campaign Preparation
  • 2022.06: Genesis Airdrop Campaign Preparation
  • 2022.06: NFT Pre-sale Campaign Preparation
  • 2022.06: Optimize User Experience of Marketplace (based on 2nd beta test)
  • 2022.06: Optimize Game Data (based on 2nd beta test)
  • 2022.06: Optimize Economic Data (based on 2nd beta test)

2022 Jul | DONE

  • NFT Pre-sale
  • IDO (Token $DEAR) Launch
  • Grand Token Airdrop Campaigns (Genesis Airdrop)
  • Liquidity pool setting up
  • Dragonaire game V1.0 launch
  • Token $DEAR Staking Pool launch
  • Airdrop Prize Release
  • Free Mint Prize Release
  • Listing on CMC ($DEAR)
  • Liating on CG ($DEAR)
  • Lock the Liquidity Pool ($DEAR)
  • Change to high-defense IP
  • Preparing for token $DES contract, scheduled to launch before August 1st, and $DES LP in 24 hours after launch
  • Increase the utilities of token $DES, added consumption scenes in the game: exchange for exp stones, exchange for Trial Spire tickets
  • The token $DES is about to add the staking function, and Dragonaire Points will be obtained based on the staking ratio
  • After the token $DES is launched, $DES rewards will be dropped in 48 hours
  • Function checking of $DEAR staking pool (coming soon)
  • Hatching gameplay online at 8:00 AM (UTC) in July 28th (Game v2.0)
  • Adjust the compliance of official website and APP according to the legal requirements of some countries/regions

In August

Week 1:
  • Increase the PVP Rewards
  • PVP Arena gameplay online at 8:00 AM (UTC) in Aug 4th (Game v2.0)
  • Develop New Function: DES Exchange
  • Develop New Function: DES Staking
  • Start YouTuber Cooperation (Japan, Brazil, etc.)
  • YouTuber Recruiting Campaign online
  • AMA with ONTO
  • Listing on MathWallet & ONTO
Week 2:
  • Develop New Function: Reset Computing Power
  • AVE Branding Advertisement
  • AMA with FOMOIN
  • GiftBox Event with NEXTYPE
  • DES Exchange Test & Online
  • DES Staking Test & Online
  • New Avatar (in-game)
  • The Second Batch of Airdrop for Senior Supporters (NFT)
  • Plan to Adjust the Hatching Probability
Week 3 & 4๏ผš
  • Reset Computing Power Function Test & Online
  • Develop New Function: Liquidity Farming of DEAR
  • AMA with Lingose Game
  • New Campaign: Round-table Conference
In September, and the future
  • Deep Collaboration with CUBE (Involves development work)
  • Deep Collaboration with Gate (Involves development work)
  • Deep Collaboration with Caduceus (Involves development work)
Since the development cycle is uncertain, we cannot confirm the launch time at present. Please stay tuned and we will adjust the roadmap according to the development progress.

2022 Q3-Q4 | On Going

  • "Global Ambassador Summon" Campaign
  • First competitive Dragonaire tournament (eSport)
  • Dragonaire Game v3.0 launch: initiate guild war system, tournament season start
  • Launch GameFi ver. Steam: Web3 Game Universe Platform run by DAO, complete VC fundraising
  • Launch the second Web3 Universe game: a RPG+SLG game with Well-known IP
  • Inject new GameFi energy: keep bringing in and educating traditional gamers
  • Integrating with Other Famous GameFi Projects to Co-create the Marvelous Crypto-world STEAM Metaverse Ecosystem
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