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Ethereal Dragon


  • Ethereal dragon cannot be upgraded and evolved directly
  • Ethereal dragons are not restrained by other elements, nor do they restrain any other elements
  • All Ethereal dragons can only increase their stars and levels by Soul Resonanceโ€‹
  • Ethereal dragon has no dragon spirit, it will consume soul resonance partner's during battle
  • Ethereal Dragon can not hatch or be hatched
Ethereal Dragon: Edwyn

Soul Resonance

  • Only the Ethereal Dragon needs soul resonance
  • Each Ethereal dragon can choose another non-Ethereal dragon to build the Soul Resonance
  • After the Soul Resonance is built, the Ethereal Dragon will have the same stars and levels with their soul resonance partner
  • The Ethereal Dragon cannot join the same battle with their Soul Resonance partner
  • 2500 $mDES is required if you want to break the Soul Resonance, then the Ethereal dragon will return to original stars and levels
  • If the Ethereal Dragon's Soul Resonance partner is consumed as material of another dragon's evolution, the Soul Resonance will automatically be broken and the Ethereal dragon will return to its original star and level without any cost
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