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Once upon a time, the realms of mortals and six dragons' territories were rich and prosperous under the glory of Kuyate Kingdom. With the dedication of ancient dragon trainers, the dragons and mortals have lived in harmony for thousands of years. However, with the rise of Dark Descent, the Kingdom was destroyed, Justice was cast aside, and Glory faded away. At that time, all souls that were unwilling to submit to the darkness moved far away to a peace land beyond the dark world.
And now, thousands of years later, the past has become a legend, and the desolate world is waiting for a new NFT hero!


Numerous dragons live in the Counterland. And the world that the human resides is called the Kujatel Kingdom. These two worlds are a mirror image to each other, like both sides of a paper. Living beings can traverse to the other world by going through a special gate, the Lost Ring.
In the Counterland, the landscapes are vast and varied. There is a lava region to the southwest, a desert region to the south, a vast water mass to the southeast, and a verdant forest to the east. There also is a mountain range in the northeast region where the sun never sets. It has no nightfall, but only endless sunlight. And the island to the northwest named the six major regions in this world according to their characteristics: Shadow Island, Lava Valley, Grainy Desert, Lake of Water, Breezy Forest, and Sunlight Domain. In the middle of the continent locates the Sky City. Human Camps can also be found in different locations in the regions.
The six primary elements decide the basic attributes and skills of the dragon. In addition to the element, the form of a dragon and its skill set vary based on its nature and ability (based on the concept of class: warrior\assassin\supporter\mage).
As Dragon Knights, we fight alongside over a hundred kinds of dragons, each with different forms, races, and elements. We train the ability of the dragon to its prime by going through more and more leveling up, awakening, enhancement, and evolution to different forms. A major feature of the game is its exploration system. The vast map is waiting for players to explore, bringing a rich adventuring experience to our players. The game primarily supports PVP and PVE gameplay, including ranked games, Arena, daily missions, and more activities.
The organizer will also host special events from time to time. From these, players will be able to maintain enough interactivity among themselves.
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